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Are You Interested In
A Lifetime Companion?

Fun Fact : Did you know that some parrots can live up to 80yrs old? 

Adoption Process

Fern Plant



Available to Adopt !

Please be aware that adoption fees are subject to sales tax. 


Meet Our Birds

We will have one of our amazing adoption coordinators reach out to you and set up a Meet and Greet with the birds. Having a couple of birds in mind to meet is a great idea. Birds have a personality too, and we want to pair you with the best bird possible to have a lasting future together. 


Home Visit

The last step is to do a Home Visit. We want to make sure you have a safe home for your potential bird and set you up for the best future together. The adoption coordinator you have been working with will bring the bird to your house and make sure everyone's comfortable and go over any and all questions you may have. 

The Application Contract is the last form to be signed and filled out. Click the link below to complete the process.

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